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Oily sludge oil refining equipment purchase considerations

2020-11-21 15:16:36

A large amount of sludge, the sludge contains quite a lot of oil, must be removed before final disposal of. Sludge pyrolysis equipment factory produced sludge can not be safe disposal, unless remove its oil content to a certain extent. In addition, the oil-water separation system and storage tanks in the refinery because of the accumulation of oil raw materials and produce sludge treatment cost is very high, and cause serious pollution to the environment. Oil is a kind of hydrophobic compounds such as: alkanes, aromatics, resins and asphalt. Many of the compounds are toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic. Their emissions under strict control, because of their negative impact on human health and the environment, they are classified as environmental protection branch environmental pollutants is preferred.


Oily sludge treatment need to purchase a special sludge treatment equipment, select the corresponding device according to the different process, for the moment, there are many places adopted the oily sludge sludge pyrolysis process to deal with.

The basic principle of sludge pyrolysis is to let the oil composition of oil sludge evaporation by high temperature cracking into oil and gas, and mud separation, and then through the cooled condenser pyrolysis oil collection, sludge can achieve harmless standard after dealing with the cracking.

Sludge pyrolysis equipment should be how to choose and buy when what matters needing attention?

1. First of all should choose according to the capacity of concrete corresponding specifications, such as 10 tons, 16 tons and so on.

2. The sludge pyrolysis equipment must conform to the requirements of environmental protection, not only can achieve the sludge innocuity treatment results, and in the whole process of cracking, there should be a waste gas to ensure that the equipment of environmental protection and other processing accessories.

3. Pay attention to the on-the-spot investigation factory. Powerful manufacturer, of course, technology will be more mature, equipment failure rate is low, after-sales service guaranteed.

Specialized in manufacturing tire oil refining, waste plastic refining, clay refining, oil refining distillation refining equipment, such as sludge pyrolysis equipment which is good, we have research and development capabilities and equipment manufacturing capacity, we have been continuously for the domestic and foreign customers with a variety of equipment and solutions, welcome to visit factory cooperation.



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