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And refining equipment manufacturers together to see our oil field oil sludge

2020-11-21 15:25:49


Sludge sludge (sludge sand) is in the exploration, mining, oil industry gathering and transferring process, produce huge amounts of waste, generally divided into oil field oil sludge and petroleum chemical industry (mainly oil refinery) of oily sludge. Including oilfield oily sludge produced in the process of oilfield development production run of oily sludge, joint landing station tank bottom oily sludge and oily sludge produced in the operation of the sewage plant. The waste oil content high cannot directly use or outside, are stacked drying or buried underground, not only pollute the environment, waste lots of resources at the same time, the oil field oil sludge has been listed as hazardous solid wastes (HW08), have been incorporated into dangerous operation, one of the main pollutants in the process of due to the development of tertiary oil recovery, oil sludge sludge yield has become increasingly serious.

With the development of petroleum industry, more and more of oily sludge. Oily sludge in general in 10-50% oil content, moisture content in 40-90%. Oily sludge volume is huge, if not handled direct emissions, not only takes up a large number of cultivated land, and to soil, water and air will cause pollution, odorous gases, and around the soil, water and air will cause pollution, accompanied by the stench gas, sludge contains a lot of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, heavy metals such as copper, zinc, chromium, mercury, salts and polychlorinated biphenyl, dioxin and radionuclide refractory poisonous and harmful material. The sludge sludge scattered oil pool or buried in soil, seriously polluted the environment, affect the clean production, at the same time cause the waste of resources, if the use of henan north produce cracking equipment processing recycling (clay refining equipment), can not only improve the environment, the benefit of mankind, and can be recycled oil, and achieved considerable economic benefits.

It is estimated that the annual output of nearly 3 million tons of oil field oil sludge, only three large oilfields of daqing, shengli, liaohe annual output reached more than 2 million tons of oil sludge, the refinery equipment manufacturer produces oily sludge mainly includes tank bottom oily sludge and sewage works of the "three sludge" two parts, the part of the sludge, the quantity is about 300000 tons.



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