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Used oil can be recycled, waste engine oil recycling need any qualifications

2020-11-21 16:26:11


Waste engine oil regeneration, be in the settlement, the methods such as distillation, acid, alkaline cleaning, filter to remove the impurities in the oil, is toxic substances, belong to the state of solid hazardous waste. Waste oil it is forbidden to deal in, should have the qualifications of the waste oil distillation equipment manufacturer of waste oil processing enterprises to deal with.

According to the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, hazardous waste management license management method ", the transfer of hazardous waste management method "regulation, such as the waste engine oil, diesel oil, heavy oil, etc. All belong to the state of hazardous waste. Units and individuals discharging hazardous waste, must declare to the competent administrative department for environmental protection type, quantity, flow direction, storage of hazardous waste, disposal and other relevant information, and according to the relevant provisions of the state of disposal of hazardous waste. Engaged in hazardous waste collection, storage and disposal of hazardous waste management activity of the unit, the application must be filed with the competent administrative department for environmental protection for business licenses. Be handled by the provincial administrative department of environmental protection.

Used oil recycling process of refining the diesel oil:

1, the used oil (waste lubricating oil), pumping waste engine oil secondary refining machine inside the reaction kettle, distilled after purification to extract the base oil, gasoline, diesel oil, residual oil, and other products, through pickling, dissolving, filtering method to remove the impurities in the oil, refined for non-standard diesel. This is the waste oil refining base oil equipment.

2, waste oil pump into the waste engine oil first secondary refining machine inside the reaction kettle, through in the bottom of the reaction kettle and reaction kettle inside dish pipe heat conduction oil pyrolysis for oil and gas, oil and gas into the multistage catalytic tower, placed with multilayer catalytic tower packing, packing placed in the different functions of the catalyst, often use degumming dewaxing and decoloring catalyst, through multistage catalytic tower into the cooling system of oil and gas, oil and gas and circulating water heat exchange of condensing into diesel.

Is the difference between the two methods: one way is now before the spent oil cracking, condensation oil after the oil filter, the sour alkali the diesel after decolorization method, another method is on the waste oil cracking into oil and gas into the multistage catalytic tower through different catalyst filter and then condensing into diesel.



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