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Waste engine oil regeneration device has technical advantages

2020-11-21 16:36:46

Used oil contains carcinogenic, mutagenic, deformation of material and waste acid, heavy metals and other substances, great harm to human body, including organic compounds such as aromatic species many are toxic to the body, these substances will not only stay in the lungs, will also enter the blood run the whole body, can interfere with human hematopoietic system. The nervous system, etc., cause blood disease, it is difficult to rule out such as heavy metals such as lead cadmium in vitro, seriously affect the nervous system. And lead to a series of disease. And released into the sewer, will affect the normal biological growth and reproduction, which directly lead to the destruction of the ecological. So for the processing of dangerous waste in our country has strict control, introduced the national waste list, and a series of laws and regulations and to regulate our behavior. Waste oil refining equipment brands can effectively solve the waste engine oil.


For the processing of waste oil, waste oil refining equipment regeneration has the technology advantage

There is 1) waste lubricating oil regeneration project of three invention patent.

A, continuous waste lubricating oil regeneration device

B, continuous waste lubricating oil regeneration device of light oil recovery unit

C, a pipe furnace and its composition of waste lubricating oil recycling equipment

2) it has excellent resistance to coking equipment and technology, energy saving, high yield efficiency, advanced refining technology, strong operability, etc.

A, coking resistance: through calculation and production practice, the coking period is about 3000 hours.

B, low energy consumption: device has reasonable perfect heat recovery system, can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the device. The power consumption: 50 c/t, fuel: 80000 kcal/ton.

C, yield efficiency: more than 92% of the yield efficiency for ideal components

D, refined fuel oil and base oil, USES the advanced refining process, complexation extraction can effectively avoid the secondary pollution, and improve the quality of products.

Complexation extraction refining: solution of non-ideal components into contact with the extracting agent containing complexing agent, complexing agent and stay separation solute reaction, formation of complex compound, and transferred to the extraction phase, to achieve the purpose of separation.

E, operability, equipment operation stable and maintenance cycle is long, operation safety, maintenance is convenient.



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