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1 how many tons of waste oil can be refined diesel oil

2020-11-21 16:59:48


Since the waste engine oil can be refined diesel, so how many can one ton of waste oil refining diesel oil?

So-called waste engine oil, a refers to the oil in use with the moisture, dust and other miscellaneous oil machinery and wear of the metal powder and other impurities, lead to color black, viscosity increased.

2 refers to the oil gradually metamorphism, generated the organic acid, colloid and asphalt material.

Waste engine oil regeneration, be in the settlement, the methods such as distillation, acid, alkaline cleaning, filter to remove the impurities in the oil, is toxic substances, belong to the state of solid hazardous waste. Used oil and shall be strictly forbidden, ought to be left to a qualified waste oil processing enterprises to deal with.

Waste oil distillation equipment refined diesel oil yield efficiency at about 85%, that is to say, one ton of waste oil 1700 jins of diesel. In the process of waste oil refining, can produce a large amount of atmospheric pressure cannot be liquefied gas, methane to butane. These gases within our specially designed gas nozzle after sufficient combustion, produce large amounts of energy, not only greatly save the energy, and greatly improves the production efficiency. Production and no secondary pollution. The technology of waste is solved the spent oil pollution to the environment and developed a new energy, the social benefits far outweigh the economic benefits.

Used oil refined diesel mainly as a tractor, large-scale civil engineering, automobile, internal combustion engine vehicle and excavators, loaders, fishing boat, diesel generating sets and the power of agricultural machinery, diesel engine fuels such as diesel automobile and tractor.



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