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Waste oil distillation diesel gas equipment

2020-11-23 17:03:44


One, the gear profile

Waste oil refining equipment this device is to use waste oil oil, landing on micro vacuum pyrolysis temperature, making the liquid fuel processing unit. This device consists of automatic frequency conversion feeding system, automatic clear wall rotating cracking kettle, double point temperature hot air heating system, smoke waste heat energy recovery system, automatic sealing carbon black slag system, light and heavy oil products division system, automatic oil transmission system, secondary cooling system, PLC can control terminal, etc.

Second, the production process

First start the heating system, temperature of pyrolysis reactor heating temperature; Then, start frequency quantitative feeding system, will be the raw material into the pyrolysis, raw material in cracking kettle on heating, pyrolysis of oil and gas; Oil and gas through the outlet into the fractionating column, and then enter the condensation system, liquefied into liquid oil respectively in light and heavy tank, not less condensation condensable gas and non-condensable combustible gas, into the tank at the top of the cooler, will further cooling condensate oil and gas, condensate gas by the buffer tank, automatic vacuum system, exhaust gas purification tower, the fire back into the heating system such as burning, provide heat for device.

Raw material subjected to thermal decomposition JiaoHuaCheng coarse carbon black completely, together into the slag system, coexist in the carbon black slag tank.

Fuel and combustible gas heating pyrolysis reactor at the back of the flue gas, contains a lot of heat, through the flue gas waste heat recovery system secondary recycling into the heating system.

Three, the advantage of this device features

1, the feed system

Adopts frequency conversion quantitative feeding, can easily control the unit time to quantity of raw materials, ensure that in the case of certain heat input, to ensure that the raw material can be completely dry.

Sealing structure of feeding system is one of the important structure insures the safe running of the whole device, we use the sealing structure, different institutions of the conventional use raw material to seal, the sealing is done by other system with a complete set of device.

2, automatic wall cracking kettle

Cracking kettle, the distribution of spiral piece in each segment is based on the cracking of the raw material after pyrolysis temperature and the thermal decomposition of raw materials of physical form, different from general continuous equipment of screw distribution structure. In addition, pyrolysis kettle in after a period of time, will appear wall sticking phenomenon, it will reduce the capacity of the unit, the company developed automatic clear wall system, don't need equipment downtime maintenance manual black wall, such not only can reduce the labor power, and shorten the maintenance time and maintenance cost of the device.

Three, two point constant temperature heating system

Device heating system is the key to guarantee the capacity of the heating system setting heating and multi-point temperature control, double wood waste oil distillation equipment to ensure that the pyrolysis gasoline kettle uniform heat demand, the structure of the set greatly enhance thermal efficiency, make the raw material processing to ensure better device.

4, light oil and heavy oil fractionation system

The system is to liquid fuel oil, waste oil mud cracking gasoline separated components, diesel oils and, greatly improving the quality of the finished product, so as to improve the price of fuel oil products.



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