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What is the splitting decomposition of waste plastics, waste plastics cracking little knowledge about

2020-11-23 17:07:53

Everyone know more or less, caused by the plastic white pollution is very serious, naked plastic garbage can make the living environment and cause visual pollution; While the plastic garbage landfills is difficult to decompose, contaminated soil and thus reduce the grain yield, affect food quality. By burning plastic and will release a lot of harmful gas, also affect our life, and other animal health, and don't throw away in the sea of plastic, eaten by the fish, the death cases also from everywhere.

How to reduce the use of plastic, and how to deal with waste plastic products, plastic for recycling already more and more valued. On reducing plastic use, or use plastic substitutes, etc., today don't do detailed, we mainly about waste plastics recycling technology today.


What is the pyrolysis of waste plastics recycling?

We all know plastic plastic derived from petroleum, is one of the types of oil products. After high temperature heating into molten liquid and then pull through the granulator - - cooling - shear - into granule, then according to the need to adopt different processing technology into the corresponding products. Waste plastic refining equipment is quite so it reflects a kind of adverse reaction, the above is the process of the oil molecular aggregation of large molecules is plastic cracking waste plastics cracking disconnect molecular bonds, the process of making plastics into oil.

Is it all plastic can be cracking?

Basic common plastic can be cracking in our life, such as PP/PE/PS is ok.

Waste plastics cracking is normal industry

, of course, is the formal sector, waste plastics oil refining equipment cracking will not only help solve the plastic pollution to the environment, also can produce economic value, is the real freshwater, kill two birds with one stone.



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