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South Africa customer investigation rico machinery 50 tons of waste oil refining diesel oil projects

2020-12-08 09:41:50

Yesterday, rico machinery and welcomed a foreign friend, to the company visit 50 tons of waste oil refining diesel oil projects. In my company sales department of the people under the leadership of a visit to the company's production workshop, as well as for waste oil refining equipment has carried on the detailed explanation. And with my company to lead people kind. Looking forward to their cooperation.






Together under the know about the waste oil refining diesel rico machinery equipment! Equipment introduction: waste oil distillation equipment can remove the inside of the pollution of oil and waste oil granular mechanical impurity and suspended impurities. After processing the product color is 95% of the new oil color, can make the product at the same time a number of indicators meet the national product technical standard, ensure the oil viscosity, enhance oil flash point, which can effectively reduce the content of water soluble acid and alkali in the recycled product.

Process description: this equipment will be used oil, by adding pipe heating furnace, through the distillation process, the steam distillate oil, then oil vapor through the condenser and fractionation of light component of gasoline and diesel, through automatically filter filter, get high quality gasoline and diesel.


The main characteristics of distillation equipment:

1, continuous production, less artificial, low production cost

2, the unique design of distillation tower, yield efficiency is as high as 90%, 100% conversion rate, high efficiency, profit is considerable

3, good product, good quality control, alternative national standard diesel use

4, security: ASME standard welding, ultrasonic nondestructive testing, manual and automatic installation

5, waste gas recovery system: recovery after sufficient combustion, save fuel, to prevent pollution

6, unique insulation design: good heat preservation effect, good energy saving effect

7, condenser cooling completely, spiral, oil products are of good quality and long service life, easy to clean

8, PLC automation control, energy saving efficiency

Visit at the end of the stage in South Africa for our customer rico machinery products to make sure the attitude, also hope that our rico machinery continue create new brilliance.



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