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Congratulations to rico machinery website online

2020-12-26 16:54:47


In order to adapt to the needs of the development of the company, set up the company's image, to meet customer understand the company's products, through the network to provide a better online services, rico machinery new website launched!

Website with new design concept, intuitive and convenient to service the vast number of users, all show the company's business and enterprise strength. Sincerely look forward to the vast number of users access to our new website online web site as we know each other, enhance friendship and strengthen cooperation bridge and the link!

Henan rui machinery equipment co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as: rico machinery. Is one specialized is engaged in: domestic waste tires oil refining equipment, oil sludge oil refining equipment, waste oil refining equipment. Such as environmental protection equipment development and utilization of the professional institutions, the company specializes in energy and related energy regeneration comprehensive enterprise. Giant can continuous feed production equipment, is set research and development manufacturing related equipment for the integration of large enterprises.

The company after many years of technical research, and luoyang petrochemical design institute of technology. Company has research and development department, sales department, engineering, installation, after-sales service department and other departments, and equipped with many years of industry experience of professional equipment engineering and technical personnel. To provide one-stop professional services to our customers.

Equipped with related products: plastic cracking of waste tires diesel fuel oil equipment. 2. PLC automatic control waste engine oil, mineral oil, biodiesel, tire plastic into diesel oil, base oil distillation equipment, capacity of 10-200 tons, the company's production of oil refining equipment type variety for customers to choose.

If you want to know more information about rico machinery and equipment, through the website contact get in touch with us. Will we have a professional service personnel to answer for you. Sincerely look forward to your visit guide!



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