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Guizhou customers to order two sets of sludge treatment equipment start success

2021-01-06 10:45:08

Guizhou customers to order two sets of sludge treatment equipment, has completed all the loading these days start to finish, ready to send to guizhou, hope the client business is thriving, everything goes well!



Henan rico machinery large oil sludge treatment equipment is set up multiple dust collector, achieve safe discharge standard, reduce the pollution of the environment at the same time. Second is fully closed automatic slag system to eliminate slag dangerous and high temperature scald, prevent leakage of black carbon pollution environment; Integrated operation platform to assure the safety of personnel working space, convenient maintenance; Shangqiu rico many advantages, such as mechanical products hope to get customer's approval.

Environmental protection this device is the use of waste oil sludge processing equipment ground oil, micro vacuum pyrolysis temperature, preparing the liquid fuel processing unit. This device consists of automatic frequency conversion feeding system, automatic clear wall rotating cracking kettle, double point temperature hot air heating system, smoke waste heat energy recovery system, automatic sealing carbon black slag system, light and heavy oil products division system, automatic oil transmission system, secondary cooling system, PLC can control terminal, etc. Need to understand the device can give us a message, or contact us directly.



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