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Chinese American to visit a 60 tonnes of waste oil refining equipment project

2021-01-29 11:00:11

Since October 2019, a chinese-american liu has been to communicate with our project about 60 tons of waste oil refining equipment, continuously for the field to factory inspection 4 times, on some technical problems also gradually been recognized liu2 zong3, the details of the contract is in constant perfection. Outbreak stop the progress of our research, more does not block the pace of our cooperation, hope have more think steadfast career do understand industrial technology, customers to visit our factory to negotiate.



With the rapid development of national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, occurring in the process of production and life can recycle all kinds of renewable resources is increasing. Vigorously developing renewable resources recycling, is to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, environmental protection, one of the important ways to build a conservation-minded society. In fact, the composition of waste oil, in addition to containing 2% - 10% of metamorphism, the rest of the 90% to 98% are good ingredients, is completely can reuse. Choose reasonable waste oil refining equipment manufacturers, technology, large-scale specialized for the recycle of waste oil, used oil can be solved on renewable technology are seldom dehydration impurities, seldom fractionation, large processing unit cost and so on a series of problems. The recycle of waste oil scale, specialization, the need to protect the environment and save energy.



Make full use of the waste oil regeneration restore finished product oil, or the waste oil refined into gasoline, diesel, both can alleviate our country oil shortages and demand and the increasing contradiction between supply and demand, and to promote environmental protection, waste to create considerable economic benefits, maybe that's why customers choose the equipment.

A few days ago, a chinese-american clients this energy saving waste oil refining equipment has been installed successfully, in the operation stage. Above is then review our factory take some pictures, other customer feedback said project engineer is responsible to the waste oil refining, refining the oil quality is also very good. Satisfied with the cooperation, at the same time, we hope our company can become better and better.



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