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An oil refining equipment factory what procedure to need

2021-04-01 15:42:01

A, there is plenty of money

Deal with tyre oil refining equipment factory needs strong capital investment, equipment, transport costs for the installation, construction of workshop of capital and liquidity of late material reserves.

Second, the appropriate site:

General requirements in industrial park, industrial park or industrial land, are the requirements for parts of chemical industrial park, the park can buy can rent, if it is to rent, lease contract 15 years, waste tires oil refining equipment production line equipment covers an area of about 2000 square meters, add the area of the raw materials you need at least 6000 square meters.


Three, formal formalities necessary for:

1. To handle business license, the type of registered company in environmental technology or renewable resources, scope of business is old tires, rubber, recycling, processing, sales and processing of steel wire and carbon black, etc.

2. Preparation of project feasibility study report to the National Development and Reform Commission project put on record formalities, industrial structure to guide the directory called waste tires inside comprehensive treatment projects.

3. After the completion of the project to the administration of the local environmental protection bureau to receive ZiXunBiao for examination and approval of environmental protection of the construction projects ", entrust a qualified eia company to the scene of the area for exploration.

4. The eia preparation of eia report, published online in environmental protection, expert evaluation, the eia compiled by the staff according to the evaluation opinions for rectification, and then to the local environmental protection bureau audit, finally get the approval documents.

5. After the installation, all waste tires oil refining equipment installation after the operation, acceptance testing, and then issue the acceptance documents, procedures even if finished.



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