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Now for the sludge treatment equipment which way is better

2021-04-09 14:21:30

Now for the sludge treatment equipment which way is better here together to learn about the treatment of sludge technology mainly include:

Quenched and tempered - mechanical separation technology: advantage is adaptable, has good practicability, convenient operation, simple management, equipment takes up less space.

The bad is affected by the source sludge treatment effect; Tempering process of demulsifier and surfactant not only increased the processing cost, also can cause environmental pollution.


Microwave processing technology: the advantage of equipment covers an area of less, flexibility, high processing efficiency, the sterilization effect is good. But mostly confined to the laboratory research level, domestic industrial application is less.

Extraction technology: the advantage of processing is complete, can put most of petroleum material extraction recovery, can effectively remove trace harmful substances; Technological process is simple, rapid and high selectivity. But the lack of an efficient, pollution-free, safe hidden trouble of extraction solvent, extraction solvent loss problem has not been well solved, the cost is higher.

Thermal cracking technology: is the oxygen in high temperature distillation and hamonious thermal decomposition, the sludge into three phase material. The United States, Japan, Russia and other countries have solvent, steam, hot water multiple joint processing technology such as ultrasonic; Domestic corresponding processing technology and equipment also showed a trend of diversity.

Oilfield belongs to hazardous waste sludge, must be processed to emissions. To learn more about professional consulting of sludge treatment equipment, rico machinery can focus on our site. Also can contact us directly, rico professionals to serve you.



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