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Semi-continuous tire powder pyrolysis equipment

2021-06-19 10:33:51
Semi-continuous tire powder pyrolysis equipment
Detailed introduction:



I. Introduction of the Plant

This plant is a processing unit that makes use of pyrolysis of massive waste tyre to get liquid oil. This process unit is made up of heating system, horizontal type rotating reactor, reduced pressure oil and gas dust removal system, cooling system, surplus gas treatment system, high temperature sealing feeding and deslagging system, electric control system of intelligent digital display and so on.

II. Introduction of Process

Delivering waste tyres with pieces to the first storage bin by conveyor belt, and then opening the second seal electric knife type valve and closing the first seal electric knife type valve, then putting the raw material into the pyrolysis reactor through spiral feeder, heating system can be heated all the time when feeding, in order to improve the pyrolysis speed.

 After the feeding finished, in the case of constant temperature heating, raw material will give out oil gas by thermal cracking, and oil gas will enter dust removal tank, a small amount of dust will be separated from oil and gas, and then enter the cooling system, get the liquid (MMA) stored in the tank and a small number of non-condensate gas will further cool by the cooler above oil tank,  enter the water tank, pass into the waste gas light remove odor, and release.

After finishing cracking raw materials, cooling for about 2 hours (this process uses rest heating to dry carbon slag in the condition of not heating), then slag, after finishing slagging, will start the second round of incoming production.

III. Introduction of Advantages of the Plant

1. Coarse distillation system

The unit of coarse distillation tower in the vacuum drum, its internal structure, which can effectively improve the quality of products, not only the density is small, but the liquidity of crude oil is great, oil color is lighter.

2. High temperature sealing feeding and heat sealing slag system
The advantage of the system is that the system can complete sealing feeding and slagging under the condition of high temperature, can not only improve the production efficiency, but greatly reduce the energy consumption.

3. Electric control system of intelligent digital display
This system is intelligent digital display can show temperature and pressure of all parts, with intelligent alarm function, can reduce unnecessary waste of resources caused by artificial reason.

4. Desulfurization and dust removal system
The system can not only be white when giving out the flue gas, can greatly reduce the concentration of sulfur dioxide in flue gas due to using water containing soda when spraying.



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