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Waste engine oil refining base oil with 100 tons

2021-06-19 10:34:13
Waste engine oil refining base oil with 100 tons
Detailed introduction:


Process description:

 the waste engine oil is added to tube heating furnace, by means of distillation, the oil steam will come out. Going through condensers, the oil steam will be transferred to light component petrol and diesel. After automatic filter, the final products will be high quality diesel.According to different process,we can also get base oil as final product(negative pressure)

Main Features

1) Continuous process with low cost and labor.

2) Unique design of distillation tower, the output rate of oil can reach about 90% and 100% transfer rate. The efficiency is high with considerable profit.

3) High oil quality ,if controlled appropriately can replace national standard diesel.

4) Safety: ASME welding standard, Ultrasonic nondestructive testing, manual and automatic installation device.

5) Waste gas recycling system: Fully burned after recycling, which saves fuel and avoids pollution as well.
6) Unique appearance design of thermal insulation: Good performance in heat keeping and energy saving. 
7) Completely cooling system: High output oil rate, high oil quality, easily cleaned with long lifetime.
8) PLC automatic control system, saving energy with high efficiency.



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