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sludge pyrolysis equipment

2021-06-19 10:34:49
sludge pyrolysis equipment
Detailed introduction:



1. Brief introduction

This pyrolysis production line is applied to process the tire scraps into liquid fuel oil, which achieves the high efficiency continuous production with great safety, zero environment performance, good society effect result and economic benefit

The whole production line mainly includes: tire pretreatment system, constant temp heating system, continuous running pyrolysis system, closed-type carbon char discharging system, emission controlling system etc.


2. Technical process description

Firstly pretreat the waste whole tires, remove the steel wire, shred the tire into 3cm rubber scraps, delivery the feedstock to the stock area; then delivery the tire scraps by conveyor belt to the screw type feeder, push them into the rotary reactor; finish the feeding, start to heat with constant temperature, and then the feedstock will be separated into pyro-gas, carbon char and steel wire which they go to the reactor end, the carbon char goes to the discharging machine and separated out into the carbon char storage and steel wire box; the pyro-gas goes into the condenser and cools down and becomes liquid into the oil storage tank, a little part of flammable gas continue going to the deep condenser and gas purifying system, then into the heating system for recycling to heat the reactor; the other gas will be treated by the emission controlling system and into the air.  

3. Equipments advantage

1) The most advanced constant tem heating system, realizing to heat and be heated under dynamic condition, the feedstock will be heated well with available to adjust and control the pyrolysis temp, meanwhile, it can also store the thermal energy and recycle to use the heat with high efficiency and saving energy.

2) The advanced low temperature catalytic cracking technology with low temp sulfur transfer catalyst, the feedstock will be pyrolysized completely under low temperature. The oil output is very high with 45-50%, the low yield of flammable gas with 2-4%, the oil quality is better. The carbon black quality is good with the low pyrolysis temp and without the coking in the reactor.

3) The equipments service life is longer than traditional products because of the low pyrolysis temperature during production.

4) Automatic and continuous running production with steadily and high efficiency

5) The flammable gas will be recycled to use for heating and save energy.

6) The PLC control system controls the reactor inner pressure 50-10pa during running time, which makes sure this lines seal-ability and use the PLE intelligent controlling that includes feeding, discharging, rotation speed etc.

7) Heating and being heated is accurate (the deviation of temp is 1 ), at the same time, it can also store some heat during heating time, making the thermal efficiency is best and saving the energy.

8) The waste gas or emission controlling system, it is available to adjust and control the temp and air quantity. The adsorption catalyst in the gas purifier and has strong adsorption ability, high adsorption speed, quick desorption speed, easily renew, which can remove the gas like: H2SCL2COCO2SO2SO3NOXCS2NH3, oil gas and other organic compounds and solid particles, the emission can meet the developed countries standard. The fully automatic and continuous pyrolysis production line is popular in many industries and the equipments comprehensive performance is the most advanced at home and abroad.

9) The cost is lowest in the world and economic efficiency is highest in the pyrolysis technology.



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