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crude oil distillation plant with 200 tons

2021-06-19 10:35:42
crude oil distillation plant with 200 tons
Detailed introduction:


1. process selection

1.1 Distillation kettle process distillation kettle or rotary furnace process is an early treatment technology, relatively early. Direct heating, atmospheric distillation, to achieve the purpose of impurity removal. After the equipment is improved, the tower or adsorbent is added behind the furnace to improve the color and brightness. Advantages: small investment, easy to deal with coking, small area. Disadvantages: belong to a generation of technology, intermittent can not be continuous, single equipment processing capacity is small, product quality is unstable (flash point, color is not up to standard) workload, cumbersome operation, a little more workers. At present, the distillation kettle process still has some advantages for customers with small investment or low product requirements.

1.2 Distillation column process. The distillation column process is different from the traditional process, which can well achieve the separation of tire oil, weight and gasoline and diesel components. Full consideration of tire oil in the production process encountered various problems after continuous improvement. First, the problem of blocking tower in tire oil because it contains a lot of carbon black is considered. Secondly, separate distillation with two columns can take into account the problems of flash point and color. Reduce equipment investment and production investment for additional flash points due to stripping.

This project will adopt distillation column process.

This scheme is suitable for the removal and separation of waste tire oil and plastic oil, and has a wide range of improvement on color, flash point and diesel cetane number. Through the process simulation calculation and heat exchanger, tower parts and other equipment selection, hydraulics accounting, and on the basis of the heat exchanger, tower body, tower parts and other equipment manufacturing.

Design requirements: through the production of this process, the expected separation effect of raw materials (calculated according to the data of raw materials) is achieved, and the original crude oil characteristic parameters are reconciled in the later stage.

Process description:




The raw material is pumped into the reactor from the tank and a small amount of low concentration lye is added to neutralize, absorb and precipitate naturally. The upper liquid is pumped into the heater, then heated into the initial distillation tower to separate the gasoline component. The top is light oil component and the bottom is heavy phase. The heavy phase after separating the light component enters the distillation column for distillation. The top of the tower is diesel component and the bottom of the tower is residuum. Diesel oil is fed into the refining system. The residue is cooled and stored.

Process advantages

Accurate process simulation calculation provides a good guarantee for the separation efficiency and optimization design of the whole process; the optimization of heat transfer network, the low energy consumption of the system; the recovery and utilization of the heat of the product, after the normal start of work, The heat required for raw material heating is provided by product heat transfer. Rich thermodynamic data and many years of laboratory experimental data accumulation, such as vapor-liquid equilibrium data, material corrosion mechanism; the use of high-efficiency tower internals, to provide a guarantee for separation efficiency; such as separation tower, according to the material viscosity factors, the feed inlet under the use of large flux, strong plugging resistance filler. Use high separation efficiency fillers above to ensure product odor, color, and other rational requirements



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