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Electric heating pyrolysis equipment

2021-06-19 10:45:50
Electric heating pyrolysis equipment
Detailed introduction:



I. Brief description of cracking equipment

The equipment is used waste organic glass (acrylic), waste plastic constant temperature cracking to produce cracking oil cracking unit. The unit is composed of electromagnetic electrothermal constant temperature heating system, horizontal rotary cracking kettle, decompression oil and gas dust removal system, condensing system, exhaust gas photodegradation system, high temperature sealing feed and slag extraction system, intelligent digital display electronic control system and so on.

II. Characteristics of equipment

1. Electromagnetic Heating System

The system can keep the heating temperature constant to a certain value (±5℃). The advantage of this function is that it greatly reduces the problem of slow cracking speed caused by too low temperature or serious carbonization coking caused by too high temperature. It can improve product quality and oil yield to many degrees.

2. high temperature seal feed and high temperature seal slag system

The advantage of the system is that the sealing feed and slag can be completed under the condition of high temperature, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also greatly reduce the energy loss.

3. Intelligent Digital Display Electronic Control System

The system digitally displays the temperature and pressure everywhere, has the function of intelligent alarm, and reduces the unnecessary waste of resources caused by human reasons.

4. exhaust gas photolysis system

The system is recommended to clean the exhaust gas before discharge and effectively remove the pungent smell of the exhaust gas.

III. Brief description of equipment parameters

1. device parameters

1. production :10 t/ days


3. power: equipped with power 320 kw, input power 280 kw/h, cracking input power 30 kw/h~280 kw/h.

4. manual :2

5. power parameters: three-phase four-wire ,380 v

6. working pressure: atmospheric pressure

7. cracking time :8~10 H


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