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2020 China hazardous waste treatment status quo analysis of comprehensive utilization will continue to grow

2020-11-23 17:05:53

With the continuous development of industry in recent years, the discharge of hazardous waste in the process of industrial production growing, there is potential for waste and pollution problems, developed industrial waste has become a political waste abroad, residents strongly opposed in the residence construction of hazardous waste treatment plant, according to relevant statistics show that the global waste hazards quantity of 330 million tons per year.

Hazardous waste has one or more risk including infectious, toxic, corrosive, flammable, dangerous characteristics of reactivity. Harmful effects on the environment and human health, or processing should be carried out in accordance with the refining equipment management.

Than production of hazardous waste areas in 2017, east China accounted for 46%, followed by 13% % of northwest, southwest accounted for 10.7%, north China, central China accounted for 9%, south China and northeast China accounts for less than 10%.


With the improving of the urbanization in recent years, the level of industrialization into steady development period, living garbage processing equipment manufacturers domestic dangerous waste production amount in 2019 is expected to close to 90 million tons, to 2020 because of the influence of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, the medical waste a lot of danger increases, this might have caused us to predict 2020 medical dangerous waste production amount will be close to one hundred million tons.

At present domestic waste disposal ways including comprehensive utilization and disposal, storage, give priority to with harmless and resource recycling, harmless disposal including incineration, landfill, harmless disposal of solid volume sharply reduce, can be realized high quality living garbage processing equipment at the same time save more cover an area of an area, is the main development direction of the future.

As domestic environmental policy regulatory supervision environment, the size of the treatment of hazardous waste in China been increased year by year in recent years, China's hazardous waste handling capacity of 25.5 million tons in 2017, 2018 annual capacity of 29 million tons, in 2019 is expected to exceed 30 million tons.

, according to China statistical yearbook 2018 discharge of hazardous waste in China in 2012-2017 annual compound growth rate of 15%, in 2015 China's hazardous waste production amount is 39.76 million tons, 69.369 million tons of hazardous waste production amount to 2017, an increase of 29.73% over the previous year. Comprehensive use of 40.4342 million tons, up 43.20% from 2016, the comprehensive utilization rate of 54.16%, slightly higher than in 2016. Gradually began nearly two years to clean up waste, living garbage processing equipment for waste treatment market to further expand, in 2018 total quantity use about 46 million tons of hazardous waste in our country, comprehensive use in 2019 will reach 50 million tons, predict 2020 domestic waste comprehensive utilization will maintain sustainable growth.



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