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Malaysia customer 50 tons of bottom heavy oil refining biodiesel equipment project start

2021-01-04 11:57:40

A new chapter in the New Year last month to Malaysia customer orders the 50 tons of bottom heavy oil refining biodiesel equipment start success, Malaysia customer is 18, to come to my company last month, studies of shangqiu rico machinery was the trust of the products on the spot for us to sign the contract, after more than half a month of hard work, we in the quality at the same time, to speed up the process shortens the time limit for a project, at the beginning of the New Year, start success.




Large refining biodiesel equipment advantage of the project process design: accurate process simulation, for the whole process of separation efficiency and optimization design provides a good guarantee; So the heat exchange network optimization, the system energy consumption is low; The product flow of heat recycling, normal construction, raw materials needed for heating heat are provided by the heat transfer products. The use of high efficiency catalyst, makes the products have a better guarantee. Non-condensable gas recycling into the lava furnace is used as the heat source. Residual oil can also be used as a heat source, also can be used as asphalt mixed material. Abundant thermodynamic data and laboratory experimental data accumulated for many years, such as vapor liquid equilibrium data and material corrosion mechanism; Multiple separation engineering experience design and drive drive (provide guidance and training, etc)

We rico machinery can live up to the trust of customers, to better product quality and after-sales service return customers. My company will be lifelong to my company the production equipment maintenance and maintenance, technical problems met in the process of production, our company will send personnel to deal with. My company will do free technical support to customers.



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