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Congratulations to the customer purchase the sludge oil refining equipment delivery success

2021-01-09 11:19:44

At the end of 2020, customer and henan rico machinery to sign the contract a large sludge oil refining equipment, after henan rico mechanical engineer with the staff of unremitting efforts, customers equipment to complete the delivery early in 2021, the New Year!


Customers to visit our company, this project also understand contrast to choose our company, is subject to our company for environmental protection of sludge oil refining equipment production technology, to decide to buy, we will not live up to the trust of the customers, with good products, I will return to you.

Customer order the equipment and for now the environment of sludge oil sands, thereby to fuel oil, is also a practice of environmental protection.

Thank you again for customers for our trust, congratulations to rico machinery equipment delivery success.

Henan rico machinery co., LTD. Is engaged in waste plastics, waste tires, sludge oil refining equipment sales company, have need can contact us directly, or leave a message. Henan rico machinery thank you for your support.



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