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Congratulations to rico machinery cooperation with Turkey customer 50 tons of distillation equipment project debugging success

2021-01-27 10:10:48

The project in October 2020 by sending engineers and our customers joint debugging test is completed, the project day processing 100 tons of tires, form a complete set of processing 50 tons of distillation equipment, oil is at present normal, the product basically meet # diesel standards, cetane number reach 45, sulfur content of 199 PPM (mg/Kg), other indexes in the normal range, thanks to the trust of the customer, we will continue to develop better and more reasonable equipment!



Waste organic matter has been referred to as "black pollution", the serious influence human survival environment, the storage of waste organic matter takes up a large number of land resources, such as improper storage, could cause a fire. Growing and increasingly huge waste organic produce, has made waste tires pollution problem increasingly prominent. Deputies to the national "two sessions" are presented concerning the increase of reusing the scrap tire processing Suggestions of policy support. Representative noted that: traditional organic waste landfill and incineration treatment for will do harm to the environment has been banned in some developed countries, to promote environmental protection in our country distillation equipment and recycling problem are imperative.



Rico machinery has been engaged in professional distillation equipment products, and products are exported to Malaysia, South Africa and other countries, the products have won high appreciation among our customers. Rico machinery thank you for the trust of the customers. We will continue to work hard to make a better product.

More details about the use of distillation equipment, welcome to communicate with rico mechanical engineer.



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